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Paper Core Shredder

Some customers requested us for the paper pipe shredding machine. We know that volume of paper that larger box plants use is immense. Every day ton of heavy paper reels are processed. With each processed reel remains a paper core that has to be recycled.

This type paper core are hard to treatment. Without any particular pre-treatment, they can damage traditional conveyor belts and balers. This damage can mean a plant’s own waste treatment plant is down for days, resulting in heavy repair and lost time costs. Because of this risk to machinery, cores are often separated out and often disposed of at a fee.

United Tech Machinery offers a new and improved solution. We would like to recommend our shredding machine to support you solve this material waste. 

The shredded paper material can be recycling in the pulp paper factory to have the recycling value. Contact us for more information:

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