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We manufacture solid waste shredding machine apply to including plastic cans, plastic buckets, medical waste, waste tires, eat hutch waste, urban waste, living garbage, dead animals, RDF refuse derived fuel, chemical waste, plant residues, glass bottles, waste electrical and electronic, computer hard disk, waste household appliances, large diameter steel drum, biological straw, clothing fabrics, garden waste and so on.
The main crushing objects of our solid waste shredder are as follows:
Industrial/household garbage -- large furniture, paper mill rope, household garbage, waste clothes, waste wood, kitchen garbage, kitchen waste, industrial waste, factory waste, municipal sludge, glass fiber reinforced plastics, pulp and residue cloth;
E-waste -- electrical components, cables, circuit boards, computer hard disks, home appliance casings;
Biomass -- branches, leaves, straw, corn cob, wheat straw, bark, banana tree, straw, garden garbage;
Recycling waste -- used tires, waste paper, waste plastics, plastic bottles, chemical barrels, aluminum materials;
Destruction of product documents -- computer hard drives, documents, nonconforming products, expired drugs, plastic parts,
Waste treatment - medical waste, radioactive material, organic waste, hazardous solid waste;
Solid metal waste -- paint bucket, paint can, iron oil bucket, metal waste, aluminum waste;
In the global scope, we actively carry out friendly cooperation with business partners and agents of various countries, by virtue of high-quality products, personalized service to understand the real needs of customers, win the support and trust of domestic and foreign customers, the waste treatment industry at home and abroad customers generally recognized and praised.
In addition to all kinds of basic business, we are willing to discuss application technology with our customers to help customers in the solid waste and waste treatment industry to improve production efficiency, product quality and added value, so as to stand out from the competition.
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